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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – TSCM Bug Sweeps

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – TSCM Bug Sweeps

Surveillance devices and bugs are no longer just the stuff spy movies are made of. They have become a common privacy threat. Utilizing the internet, anyone can easily and inexpensively purchase these bugs and devices. This has increased the need for technical surveillance countermeasures such as TSCM bug sweeps in both the private and business sectors.

Types of Bugs and Surveillance Devices

A bug is a device that has been secretly concealed in a certain area in order to acquire specific information by listening in or intercepting communications meant to be private.

Audio surveillance is conducted using a concealed microphone placed in an area to intercept private communication. These devices can easily be hidden almost anywhere and are commonly disguised as harmless everyday items such as a power strip.


With technology continually advancing, cameras keep getting better and smaller. Like the microphones, these tiny cameras can be hidden anywhere and are often disguised as well. They may appear to be something as ordinary as a smoke detector.

Wiretapping is an old school method of intercepting private telephone communications via the telephone signal made famous during the Watergate scandal.

Today, telephone communications are more likely intercepted using mobile phone spy software. Once downloaded into a mobile phone the software can record calls and the surrounding sounds and background noise as well as view complete web history.

TSCM Bug Sweeps

This technical surveillance countermeasure is a service offered by a TSCM or private investigator. While there are many technical surveillance countermeasure service providers available, it is essential to use someone who is trained, certified and tech savvy.

The purpose of these bug sweeps and inverse surveillance measures is to detect wiretapping, hidden cameras, tracking devices, and spyware. This security measure involves checking phones, computers and any other potential devices or areas vulnerable to interception of information. Electronic surveillance detection using specialized equipment is performed to ensure that your privacy is protected.


Why You Need Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

The threat is real and the risk is great. Successful businesses are are often prime targets for illegal and covert surveillance. Competitors and criminals will use bugs or other surveillance devices in  an attempt to acquire trade secrets, business plans, and insider financial information.This can cost the business targeted by the surveillance millions, even billions of dollars or cause them to go under completely.

While most people assume these technical surveillance countermeasures are only needed by businesses, technology is making them more and more necessary in the private sector. There are many reasons a private individual might be the target of surveillance such as gathering information beneficial for litigation or spying on a spouse in a divorce case. One of the most common reasons is identity theft. Personal information is collected by a criminal through the use of illegal surveillance devices. Still think only businesses need such services?


Technical surveillance countermeasures are among the most important services a private investigator can offer their client. Everyone has the right to privacy, a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Bug sweeps and other counter surveillance measures can ensure that private information stays safe.

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