Marital Infidelity? Hire a Private Investigator

Marital Infidelity? Hire a Private Investigator

No one wants to have to face marital infidelity. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common reasons that marriages fail. Often a spouse will attempt to investigate on their own to uncover a suspected affair. Remember, because your partner knows you well, they will sense you are suspicious and just become more secretive.

The most effective way to monitor your partner’s actions and get to the truth is to hire a private investigator.They are professionals that are trained in surveillance, obtaining information and gathering physical evidence in the form of photographs, videos, voice recordings, or semen-detection testing/DNA evidence.

In most cases these are skills you don’t have, and conducting your own surveillance could end up putting you in jeopardy. A marital infidelity investigation is best left to a professional.

Technological Advantages

Many of sophisticated tools and specialized equipment used in investigations are only available to licensed private investigators. From performing surveillance to installing tracking devices, a private investigator must not only have the best tools for the assignment, but the expertise for proper operation.

A reputable private investigator will attend training to keep up-to-date on all the latest technology in order to provide a client with the best possible service.

Marital Infidelity? Hire a Private Investigator

Interviewing Skills

A good private investigator will  be practiced in the art of extracting information, especially from an uncooperative source. As a skilled interviewer, they will ask open ended questions to reveal information.

Experienced investigators know it goes beyond simply asking questions. They also observe and interpret a source’s body language which can indicate if they are lying or withholding information.

Legalities of Surveillance

Whether the method is video, photographs, or recorded conversation, a professional investigator will be aware of the laws pertaining to the surveillance of an individual. Not only do the laws vary from state to state, they are always subject to change.

A private investigator is responsible for any activities performed on your behalf and must make certain that they do not fall outside of the law. Enlisting the services of a professional investigator could prevent you from unknowingly breaking the law should you attempt to investigate on your own.

Personal Safety

A  private investigator is trained to do dangerous jobs such as vehicle surveillance.They have the resources to change their appearance or vehicles quickly as well as the ability to react appropriately to unforeseen circumstances, such as how to handle their cover being blown.

Hiring a private investigator will allow you to discover the truth about your partner’s infidelity without putting yourself at risk. Without the proper training and experience, you might find yourself in danger if you attempt to conduct an investigation on your own.

Marital Infidelity? Hire a Private Investigator

Avoiding Criminal Charges

Surveillance requires a significant amount of time spent watching subjects from vehicles and recording their conversations or movements. It is not uncommon for neighbors to consider this a suspicious activity and contact police.

A licensed private investigator will be able to provide a state issued investigator’s identification card to prove to the police that they are conducting a legitimate professional investigation. If you are attempting to conduct an investigation on your own, you will find you have a lot of explaining to do and may even be considered a stalker by authorities.  

Conducting a successful investigation including surveillance requires time, experience and a level head. Besides lacking the necessary experience, with marital infidelity your emotions will be running too high to properly conduct an investigation. Most people already have a busy schedule and there aren’t enough hours in the day to commit to an investigation.

And above all, if you attempt an investigation on your own you are putting your personal safety at risk. It is far better to hire a professional investigator who makes a living doing this type of work.

At South and Associates, our team of professionals understand and honor our clients’ confidentiality. Personal investigations are handled with the utmost respect and understanding as you and your family may be experiencing crisis. Don’t attempt a marital infidelity investigation or any investigation on your own. Contact us and will take care of it for you.


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