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James D. South, commenced his career in 1986 as a New Jersey State Trooper after graduating from the New Jersey State Police Academy. During his rewarding and decorated 25 year career he held assignments at state police road stations including the New Jersey Turnpike, as a supervisor of detectives in the Criminal Investigations Unit and Internal Affairs Unit. In addition, Mr. South supervised the Shooting Response Team stationed in Camden, New Jersey which was formed specifically to address gun related violent crimes with in the city limits. During his career, Mr. South has investigated and or supervised every manner of crime including general investigations, financial crimes, burglaries, sex crimes, armed robberies, and homicides. Mr. South also supervised Homeland security details at designated critical infrastructure sites including the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant, Giants stadium, Brendan Byrne arena as well as Newark’s Penn Station.  Prior to joining the New Jersey State Police, Mr. South was a member of Teamsters local 1289 assigned to the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant.

Mr. South has an extensive educational background that includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Fairleigh Dickenson University.  He has had extensive training in advanced investigative techniques including forensics, interview and interrogation. Mr. South holds a Master Certification in Infrastructure Protection from Texas A & M University, and is completing his Master Certification in Disaster Management from Texas A & M University. Mr. South is a certified training instructor in the Management of Aggressive Behavior, and has received training in non-violent confrontation management. He has also served as an adjunct faculty member for Brookdale Community College, teaching Forensic Investigations. In addition, he was a certified instructor with the Police Training Commission. (training resume provided upon request). Mr. South has been involved with the Trenton Leaders of Tomorrow program in affiliation with the United Youth Mentor Link Partners.

While a member of the New Jersey State Police, Mr. South lectured on a local, state and national level. Mr. South continues to provide training to corporate, government, university, houses of worship, as well as the New Jersey State Bar Association.

Upon retirement from the New Jersey State Police, Mr. South formed South and Associates, LLC.  He and his associates have provided professional investigation, security consulting and workforce training services to his growing list of clients on a national level. As a result of his demand for professionalism and confidentiality, South and associates, LLC clients range from individuals and families including high asset personal clients, to Fortune 500 corporations with one or more to be found among the Forbes “Top 10”. Under Mr. South’s guidance, South and Associates has provided services to financial, transportation, retail, energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Mr. South has provided security consultation for projects that have exceeded a billion dollars.



Jeffrey Gale retired from the New Jersey State Police as Bureau Chief assigned to the Office of Professional Standards in 2011, at the rank of Captain. At the time of his retirement he was the executive staff member responsible for resolving all criminal, administrative and performance related complaints against members of the New Jersey State Police, working closely with the Office of the Attorney General. During his tenure as Bureau Chief, he supervised five units responsible for receiving and classifying complaints, making disciplinary recommendations, conducting inspections and audits to ensure members acted in compliance with Division policies, procedures, and rules and regulations, and performed risk analysis of law suits to mitigate the impact of civil litigation on the Division.

During his tenure with the State Police, he was also Assistant Bureau Chief of the Internal Affairs Investigation Bureau, determining investigative strategy and directing the efforts of all investigators assigned throughout the state. He spent 18 years in a variety of uniformed assignments including as a Squad Supervisor managing Troopers assigned to patrol related activities and as Unit Head of the Construction/Incident Management Unit for the NJ Turnpike. He received numerous letters of commendation from the Office of the Attorney General regarding outstanding criminal arrests and seizures of cash, narcotics, and weapons. 

He provided security for governmental officials including presidential, gubernatorial, and legislative details, provided and supervised Office of Homeland Security details at Newark International Airport, Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant, and other sites designated as critical infrastructure, and also provided and supervised physical security for large venues/events including on and off field security at Giants Stadium, Byrne Arena, and Rutgers Stadium for NFL, NHL, collegiate sporting events and concerts

Over the course of his career he served as an Adjunct Instructor for the New Jersey State Police Academy providing instruction in police leadership and supervision, police professionalism, and State Police internal and disciplinary procedures, has developed and provided training for members of the Division as well as for outside law enforcement agencies, and served as Field Training Liaison for the Office of Professional Standards.

He has received extensive training in numerous areas including conducting criminal, internal and administrative, high technology crime, cyber-fraud, cargo theft, and advanced motor vehicle accident investigations. Additionally he has received training in interview and interrogation methods, under-cover surveillance (FBI), micro-expressions analysis, defensive and police survival tactics, sexual assault/crisis intervention methods, basic and advanced firearms tactics, and advanced and executive leadership training. He obtained certifications as New Jersey State Police Academy Instructor, Range-master, Firearms Instructor, Rifle Instructor, and is a certified SORA instructor.

He was appointed as a representative of the Superintendent of the State Police to the Re-enlistment Review Board, assisting in making determinations as to whether probationary Troopers should be permitted to continue in their employment with the State Police, and also as a member of the New Jersey State Police Awards Selection Committee, reviewing and selecting nominees for the highest awards bestowed upon members by the Office of the Superintendent.



John DiLorenzo served in the New Jersey State Police for 27 years, retiring in 2008 at the rank of Lieutenant. Throughout his career with the State Police, John worked in the Offices of the Superintendent and the Chief of Staff, as well as the Intelligence, Casino Gaming, Field Operations, and Administration Sections, and the Office of Professional Standards, Internal Affairs Investigation Bureau. Additionally, Mr. DiLorenzo worked in conjunction with the US Secret Service to provide security and protection to U.S. Presidents, Heads of States, and various dignitaries.

John’s investigative experience with the NJSP ranges from criminal cases including arson, burglary, fraud, sexual assault, and aggravated assault, to investigating organized traditional and non-traditional criminal organizations, and subversive groups. He supervised Intelligence and criminal investigations concerning , narcotics, homicide and street gang activity, and his work with the Casino Gaming Section provided critical information used in litigation by the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

In 2000, as a result of the State of New Jersey entering into a Federal Consent Decree requiring Federal oversight of the policies and practices of the State Police, Mr. DiLorenzo was assigned as an Internal Affairs investigator conducting racial profiling investigations along with numerous other allegations of misconduct. Later in his career, he again worked with the Internal Affairs Investigation Bureau as the Domestic Violence Officer, responsible for the investigation of every domestic violence incident involving a member of the Division.

Over a long career with the State Police, he developed a degree of expertise on a myriad of issues related to terrorism, infrastructure security, street gangs, the casino industry, criminal investigations, intelligence collection and dissemination, electronic surveillance, witness relocation and related disciplines.

After retiring from the NJSP, John spent 9 years with the NJ Department of Education, where he was responsible for conducting criminal history background checks on employees in the public, private handicap, and nonpublic schools, as well as investigating state test assessment security breaches.



Joseph Herrity brings over 35 years of combined military, law enforcement and investigative experience and most recently served as the AECOM Corporate Vice President for Security and Resilience Processes. Mr. Herrity is a dedicated, resourceful manager with substantial “hands-on” and program management experience directing and implementing comprehensive security and safety programs around the world.  He achieves results through careful analysis, creative planning, and timely application of cost-effective solutions to operational problems. Through well-developed communication plans, He has hired, trained, and motivated cohesive, goal-oriented project teams. Mr. Herrity’s expertise includes developing and managing diversified corporate security and safety plans ranging from personnel and computer integrity to hard asset protective services. He has been responsible for the planning, development and implementation of protective programs (to include executive, staff and physical assets) throughout the company.  In addition, Mr. Herrity has authored emergency preparedness plans, International emergency evacuation plans, expatriate travel guides and country briefs. He has developed physical security, access control, computer security and loss prevention plans; participated in the evacuation of employees from hostile locations and Countries; and conducted employee and management training for implementation of all plans.

Mr. Herrity established and supervised protective service details (PSD) and base security operations in hostile locations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan conducting approximately 10,000 PSD sorties for individual trips/flights/missions totaling almost 2 million road miles, moving 19,800 clients (employees and clients). All of these movements and base security operations were self-protected without coalition forces escort or protection. He also established an air bridge (rotary and fixed wing aircraft) that conducted hundreds of sorties between sites in northern, central and southern Iraq. All security operations were successfully conducted without sustaining a single injury or causality. Mr. Herrity is a U.S. Navy and Army veteran.

Mr. Herrity has in excess of 3,000 hours in career-related fields of study/conferences and seminars in various federal, private executive, administrative, law enforcement and security courses to include:  labor relations, race relations, media/public relations, interviewing/ interrogation, OSHA regulations, executive protection, employee recruitment, contract/grievance employee discipline, and dispute settlement.

Extensive experience working in developing countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Middle East-African countries
Personnel Protective Programs
Site Security Planning
Electronic Security
Staffing (Selection, Training and Development)
Budget Management
Business Intelligence
Environmental Safety and Health Programs
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School, Security Executive Management
Georgetown University, Security Executive Management
American Society for Industrial Security, Board Certified Protection Professional
American Society of Mechanical Engineer, Certified, Risk Analysis and Management of Critical Asset Protection
Certified Fraud Examiner Association, Associate Member
American Society of Safety Engineer, Member
American College of Forensic Examiners, Board Certified in Homeland Security
Clearances: Previously held DOD T/S and other Agency T/S SCM with polygraph


Training Consultant

Andrea Craparotta, a retired Captain, commenced her career in 1988 with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office after graduating from the Division of Criminal Justice Basic Investigator’s Academy where she received the award for highest academic average. In 1990, she joined the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office with assignment to the Narcotics Task Force. In 1998, Ms. Craparotta was assigned as a Task Force Officer with the Newark Field Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) where she received the Administrator’s Award for outstanding contributions to drug enforcement. In addition, Ms. Craparotta had assignment to Homicide, Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, Bias Crimes, Juvenile, Vertical Prosecution and Training Units. She also served as the Interim Director of Police at Middlesex County College.

Ms. Craparotta has a robust educational background. She has a Masters Degree in Education from Seton Hall University, a Certificate in Law Enforcement Executive Leadership from Rutgers University and a Certificate in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia. In 2011, Ms. Craparotta graduated from FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia and has two published statements that are contained within the FBI Academy Library. In addition, Ms. Craparotta has served as an adjunct faculty member for Rutgers University and Brookdale Community College, was a certified instructor with the Police Training Commission and a certified firearms instructor.

In 2000 and 2002, Ms. Craparotta testified before the United States Congress Subcommittee on Crime regarding her experiences as an undercover officer and the epidemic involving “Club Drugs”. In 2006 Ms. Craparotta was an invited participant at the Oxford Round Table on Criminal Law, at Oxford University, England.

With over twenty six years in the field of law enforcement, Ms. Craparotta has extensive experience in all aspects of criminal investigation including forensic interviewing and interrogation, surveillance, arrest, search and seizure, undercover operations and use of informants. Having performed as an undercover operative on hundreds of occasions for municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, she has been involved in all investigative levels of narcotic trafficking.

As a result of her undercover work, Ms. Craparotta has had appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, MSNBC Investigates, Inside Edition and more. She has also instructed narcotics officers working in high intensity drug trafficking areas on undercover operations and taught police recruits at the Division of Criminal Justice Basic Investigator’s Academy in Sea Girt, NJ. In addition, she has instructed classes on various aspects of law enforcement and crime prevention to sworn police officers, attorneys, educators and students throughout the tri-state area.

During her time spent at the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotics Task Force and at Middlesex County College Police Department, Ms. Craparotta handled all operational and administrative duties associated with the assignments including staffing, supervision of daily investigative activities, operational plan review, personnel issues, training oversight and budgeting.

Ms. Craparotta served as the Training Coordinator for the Middlesex County Police Training Center, which provides in-service training to the 1800 sworn police officers of Middlesex County. In addition, she supervised the Bias Crimes Unit and the Outreach and Education Unit, which services the 800,000 citizens of Middlesex County, New Jersey.

Ms. Craparotta developed and presented “Active Shooter Preparedness” training to the faculty and staff at Middlesex County College, the United States District Courts of New Jersey and the United States Attorneys Offices in Newark, Trenton and Camden, New Jersey.

Ms. Craparotta is a Past President of the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association and is on the Executive Board of Directors for New Jersey Women in Law Enforcement.