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cnmf Computer and
Mobile Forensics
South and Associates can quickly search computers or mobile devices for deleted files, evidence of encryption, GPS data, deleted text messages, and more. In many cases, the device can be shipped to us for immediate investigation. Learn More
securityns Security Consulting At home or the workplace, South and Associates offers professional security consultations. We can evaluate your physical security, CCTV systems, emergency readiness plans, staff training, and more. Don't wait till after a crisis has occurred to think about your security needs. Learn More bi Background Investigations Whether you are hiring a new employee for your business or a healthcare professional for a family member, South and Associates can provide you with a comprehensive background check, including criminal records, license and credential verification, employment history, Megan's Law restraints, and more. Learn More Surveillance Surveillance From monitoring caregivers or employees, to personal or business property, covert cameras can provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that your loved ones and assets are safe and secure. From Workman's Compensation, Workplace Injury, Executive Level Surveillance, to Marital Disagreements, Child Custody and FMLA violations. Using the most up-to-date technology, South & Associates can work with you to gather the evidence you need. Learn More SecurityServices2 Security Services For all your security needs, please see our sister company Garrison Security Group. Garrison is a full service security company offering quality protection for both high asset individuals, and small and large companies. We work with organizations in all types of business including Healthcare, Education, Financial Institutions, Utilities and more. Learn More

Have questions about an investigation issue?

Ask An Expert

Have questions about an investigation issue?

Ask An Expert


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