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Are you suspicious that your spouse is cheating on you? When you notice that something just doesn’t feel right with your marriage, it can be quite troubling. You don’t want to be caught snooping around but you still want to get down to the truth. Marital infidelity often plays a role in how divorce and child custody proceedings play out and hard evidence is required in these situations. If you want to gather evidence on marital infidelity, it’s best to hire a private detective.

Is my wife Cheating

Problems with a DIY Investigation

Many people in this situation think they can find evidence by themselves, without the help of a private detective. However, this could end up doing more harm than help. Cheating spouses use many different strategies to keep their affair secret. Many of these tactics have the person they are cheating on in mind, making it very difficult to uncover evidence of infidelity. Cheaters may use different phone numbers, cash only to cover their tracks, and might track their spouse’s movements in order to stay out of the way. A cheater usually prepares for ways to hide from their spouse but not a private detective.

Skill & Experience

You’re average cheater may be slick enough to dodge their spouse but few are discreet enough to outsmart a professional. An experienced private detective knows all of the signs and signals to look for and the best practices on catching a cheater in the act. Through experiencing hundreds of similar cases, a PI (Private Investigator) develops proven strategies to detect cheating.


The quickest way for an infidelity investigation to fall apart is the alleged cheater catching on to their spouses suspicion. If you are are caught investigating a cheater, they will change their behavior, making it even more difficult to gather hard evidence. Also, if you are surveilling a spouse that is not actually cheating – you could end up ruining the relationship. A private detective can go undercover and conduct an investigation with anonymity. Private detectives know how to ask people about your spouse in ways that keep their identity and intentions unknown. A trained professional also knows how to conduct an investigation safely, which is essential with a highly-sensitive situation like infidelity.

Faster Results

For the purposes of divorce and child custody, the faster a cheater is caught, the better. A professional private detective has the equipment and skillset to make surveillance and monitoring both quick and discreet. Unless you have a full set of investigation equipment and applications at your fingertips – leave the work to an expert.

Legitimate, Hard Evidence

When evidence is brought into a divorce or child custody case, it must be both verifiable and obtained legally. US citizens have privacy rights that prevent wrongfully obtained evidence from being used against them. While looking through your spouse’s private messages and emails may be a quick way to get to the truth, it will accomplish next to nothing in a courtroom. A trained private detective knows the legal avenues to gathering evidence and adheres to the rule of law.

Is my Husband Cheating

Hire an Expert Private Detective

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? At South and Associates, our team of professionals understand and honor our clients’ confidentiality. Personal investigations are handled with the utmost respect and understanding as you and your family may be experiencing crisis. Don’t attempt a marital infidelity investigation or any investigation on your own. Contact us and will take care of it for you.


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