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Top Five Reasons to Use a GPS Tracker

Top Five Reasons to Use a GPS Tracker

Today many government, military and law enforcement agencies use GPS trackers for surveillance and a variety of other reasons. Did you know there are good reasons many of us should be using it in our daily personal lives and business routines?

GPS Keeps Track of Your Children

With a startling 2,000 children reported missing every day, an increasing number of parents are opting to arm their school-aged children with GPS tracking devices. GPS tracking your kids has never been easier, with several tech companies coming out with wearable devices. For children old enough to have mobile devices, parents are able to download a phone tracker that will sync with their own personal mobile device, allowing the parents to easily check that their child made it to school safely.

GPS Monitors a New Driver

Nothing tests parental sanity more than when their teen first starts driving.  They deal with self-doubt, wondering if they taught their teen everything they needed to know, along with the constant worry that comes when their teen is running late coming home at night.  Installing a GPS tracker for the car will help to alleviate some of this stress, allowing parents to always know the location of their teen’s car. Tracking apps can also serve as a safety lesson, providing mobile updates to parents if their teen is speeding or texting while driving.



GPS Keeps Tabs on Senior Citizens

Many families caring for an elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia know the jolt of fear that comes when their loved one wanders away from home. One way to put an end to the wandering is to employ GPS technology to keep the elderly family member safe at home.  Similar to the technology used to track children, GPS tracking companies have created wearable trackers that can be worn as around the wrist or ankle or even as part of the sole of their shoe. This technology will alert family members or caregivers if the senior citizen has wandered off the property and they will be able to alert trained professionals to bring them back home.

GPS Oversees Your Business

It is becoming more commonplace for businesses with company cars, trucks, and vans to start GPS tracking their vehicles. This proves to be beneficial for two reasons: company efficiency and employee productivity. Tracking can help business owners determine if there are quicker routes to take or if there are high traffic areas to avoid. Additionally, tracking can help business owners narrow down which employees are using the vehicle for personal reasons (i.e.- picking up a friend or taking the long way back) so they will be able to assess the problem accordingly.


GPS Collects Data for Legal Proceedings

One of the most common reasons people look into installing a GPS tracker is to catch a cheating spouse. While a tracker cannot tell you WHO your spouse was with (that might be the job for a private investigator), it can tell you WHERE they were in order to determine if the question of cheating needs to be examined further. This same technology is often used in child custody investigations. The data collected by the tracker can help to assess if the person in question is driving recklessly with the child in the car or if they are taking the child to unsuitable locations. This is data that can be used in court during a child custody case.

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