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Controversial Construction Security – Dealing With Protesters

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Controversial Construction Security – Dealing With Protesters

When a construction company is building a controversial structure such as a pipeline, they may run into a situation with protesters. Within the heat of politics, protests create several security risks sometimes aren’t considered when starting the project. By hiring construction security services for protection, education and training, construction companies can adequately prepare for protests.


Risk Assessment

One large benefit of hiring a professional for construction security is their ability to accurately assess the possible dangers that could occur. They assess the security infrastructure of a construction site as well as the construction companies office. Security companies will also look into the experience level of local law enforcement and their capacity to help. Risk assessment also makes it easier to create an accurate budget for the project with all security fees included.

Gathering Intelligence

Security professionals know that the best way to provide construction security is through both proactive and reactive planning. In taking a proactive approach security professionals will gather intelligence on opposition groups. Most of these groups organize with over social media, so there are legal avenues to find out exactly what they are planning. For example, if protesters plan to disrupt the corporate office of a construction company, a security force can go to that location properly equipped and with countermeasures planned.


Another benefit of construction security services is the ability to coordinate the many moving parts of a controversial construction project. For example, they can determine ahead of time how and who in the company will respond to media outlets. Stakeholders, human resources, and legal departments can all work together to plan for the protest and the public reaction to it.


When dealing with protestors and construction security, employees should be trained how to deal with protesters. By educating construction workers, receptionists, field surveyors and other employees on site, the construction company is better equipped to portray itself in a positive light to the media and avoid confrontations. For example, many use the tactic of aggravating construction workers in order to get a video of a dramatic reaction. They then use this video to discredit the construction company. Through proper training, employees will know exactly how to react in the moment.

Relationship Building With Law Enforcement

If the protest is large enough, it may be impossible for security guards alone to take care of construction security. By acting as a liaison between the construction company and police, all intelligence and security requirements can be shared. This allows both to know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done throughout the project.

Security Budget and Resource Management

A mistake some companies in these types of situations make is failing to include security within their budget. They may find themselves understaffed and unprepared once the protests start. Security professionals can assess how and where resources and security measures should be distributed in the most efficient way possible. For example, one part of a job site may have a low chance of a disturbance, so maybe security cameras alone are sufficient. This saves the company an extra fee from hiring security guards. This management helps companies both save money and prepare efficiently.


Executive Protection

While most protesters realize that construction workers are simply doing their jobs, there often put extra heat on executive employees. Protesters love a boogeyman in a suit, which makes things quite dangerous for executives and decision-makers in the company. Security professionals can assess the executives residential security as well as how they may be targeting during their daily activities. You never know the full intentions of some activists, so it’s important no employees are in harm’s way.

Expert Construction Security

Are you and your company preparing for a controversial construction project? Construction security is only as strong as the security company you hire. South and Associates is a team of security experts with the experience and know how to properly deal with protesters. We can provide the training and protective measures required for the project to go off without a hitch. Also, we work with companies like Athos to provide the on-site security measures required to protect your construction project. To protect your company, contact us today.

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