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Child Custody Investigations: Everything You Need to Know

Child Custody Investigations: Everything You Need to Know

During a divorce, there are many difficult decisions to be made such as splitting up assets and deciding who will get the house or apartment. However, these pale in comparison to the difficulty of determining who gets custody of a child. The only way to determine what is best for that child is carrying out child custody investigations.

The personal and professional lives of each parent are taken into account, along with the child’s environment and a wealth of other factors. Trained private investigators gather the necessary information for determining a child custody case. But what exactly are investigators looking for?


Types of Custody

In order to fully grasp the purpose of child custody investigations, it’s important to define custody and the different types of custody that parents seek. One type of custody is called legal custody. This gives a parents the right to make legal decisions regarding a child. Physical custody is when the child lives with the parent.

The other types refer to the outcomes of a child custody case. Sole custody means that a child lives with one parent and that parent has the right to make legal decisions regarding the child’s affairs. The other parent may have visitation rights, but has no say over the child’s legal affairs or where they live. Next, there is joint legal custody. This is when both parents have a say in legal decisions regarding the child and if there is a major disagreement, the courts become involved. Finally, there is joint physical custody, where the child’s time is divided between both parents.

What Child Custody Investigations Reveal

Child custody investigations work to determine the living situation that is best for a child. Private investigators gather and compile information so the courts can make this decision. Private investigators look into the stability, health, lifestyle and schedules of each parent. This includes whether a parent has a criminal record, uses or abuses drugs and alcohol, and if the parent has severe emotional or physical health issues.

Investigators also look into where the child lives. They check to see if the living space is safe, clean and without health hazards. They also observe whether or not a parent’s friends and associates are suitable to be around the child.

Private investigators also gather evidence that helps the court make more subjective decisions. This includes evidence regarding parenting skills, willingness to provide food, shelter and education for the child, personal morality and whether the parent will encourage and support a healthy relationship between the child and the other parent.

Most importantly, child custody investigations look for evidence of child abuse or criminal neglect. Investigators look into whether there have been abuse accusations by either parent toward the other and whether the accusations are credible. They also look for a history of complaints of violence documented by law enforcement. Investigators will talk to neighbors, friends and associates to determine if a parent is unsuitable for custody.


Expert Private Investigators

Are you going through a difficult divorce? South and Associates understands that obtaining custody of your child is extremely important and we do everything in our power to give you the resources you need. Since obtaining private information is so complicated, you will need an expert private investigator to discover everything you can.

We work within the law to obtain all available information in order to assist in evidence discovery. Whether you are hoping to gain Primary Custody, or to prove the Primary Custody holder is unfit, South and Associates can gather the evidence you need to guarantee your Child’s Safety. For the very best in private investigations, contact us today.

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