How Can a Private Investigator in NJ Help You?

How Can a Private Investigator in NJ Help You?

Many people are familiar with the traditional uses of a private investigator in NJ. Often, they have no trouble looking to private investigators for proof in cases of infidelity, child custody disputes, or harassment. While these instances are very appropriate for the use of an investigator, there’s a vast array of situations in which hiring a private investigator in NJ could prove beneficial. Consider some of these lesser known situations where a PI can be utilized.

Background Checks

We no longer live in a world where you can simply take someone’s word for truth without additional inquiry. Fraud, withholding, and outright lies are rampant. In competitive pools, such as those found in online dating, job application, or even business partnerships, it’s necessary to verify that everyone is accurately and truthfully representing themselves.


Employment and Business

Depending on the job position, it’s sometimes necessary for an employer to delve a little deeper into their applicant’s history. It may not be enough just to know whether your applicant has a criminal history or not. For instance, a job could deal with high profile clientele, regularly put employees in stressful situations, or perhaps consistently place them in scenarios they can easily take advantage of. In these instances, it’s important to know not only what your employee has done in his or her past, but also what kind of person they are and whether or not they can maintain a level of professionalism.

Businesses, like people, come with their own histories, cultures, and reputations that may or may not mirror the face they put forward. It could be advantageous for a business owner considering a potential partnership to fully understand that they’re about to do business with a reputable company before signing on the dotted line.

Online Dating

While information like a person’s basic credentials or recent arrest history may be beneficial when considering employment, it won’t help you much if you’re trying to verify if your new online love actually is who they say they are. Only a thorough background check performed by an experienced investigator can uncover all the necessary information. First dates made from online matchmaking websites can be stressful and, in some instances, potentially dangerous. Before you arrange an in-person meeting with a stranger from the internet, a private investigator in NJ could help you verify their true identity.

Fraudulent Claims

These days, many people are trying to scam the system. A private investigator in NJ can help you ascertain if someone is trying to place a fraudulent claim against you in an attempt to benefit financially. Private investigators can help business owners by procuring evidence in cases of personal injury, worker’s compensation, or unemployment. For example, say an employee is attempting to collect worker’s compensation from your company for an injury that did not occur at work. A private investigator may be able to produce evidence documenting that the employee’s injury occurred elsewhere.


Uncovering Assets

Divorces can be contentious, and emotions run high. Often, before the paperwork is actually filed, couples go through a murky time period of estrangement. During this time, your spouse may acquire assets that you have no knowledge of but are entitled to. If you suspect your spouse is not being entirely honest with their estimates of property or investments, you can hire a private investigator to look into the matter. Uncovering hidden assets can impact other elements of your case too, such as the amount of alimony to which you’re entitled.

Hiring a Private Investigator in NJ?

There are plenty of ways private investigators can help benefit you. Whether you need one to add evidence to a legal case or you simply want to verify that someone is who they say, hiring someone to do independent investigations can provide the answers you seek.

If you’re looking to hire a private investigator in NJ, South and Associates LLC can assist you. Our team is made of qualified professionals who are experienced in their respective fields. We use all of our assets and expertise to provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible. We offer a variety of services, incorporating everything from employment screenings to security consulting. If you’re looking for an investigation agency with your best interest in mind, contact us today.

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