What Can an Advanced Background Check Uncover?

What Can an Advanced Background Check Uncover?

In the digital age, so much of what people do is stored in a database somewhere. This means that an advanced background check is more thorough and comprehensive than ever before. These checks go way beyond criminal records and employment history. Learning what an advanced background check can find out is beneficial for business owners, landlords, and potential employees alike.

Social Media

We live in a time where people post every thought that comes to mind on social media. By analyzing someone’s posts, you can learn a lot about their personality and psychology. This can be very helpful in choosing a potential hire or tenant. However, there are several states that have made social media background checks illegal and a professional investigator will know the state laws before doing a check.


Criminal Records

Criminal records have always been the main tenant of a background check, but now it is easier than ever to pull up the information. Even if a criminal record has been expunged, it can remain on online databases for years. This makes employers and landlords aware of a liability or potential danger. Laws about criminal record checks vary from state to state. Consult with a professional investigator about how state laws will affect your background check.

Financial Information

Financial information can be beneficial to businesses looking to hire someone as well as landlords trying to make a decision. If a record of shaky finances comes up on a potential tenant’s advanced background check, they may not be able to fulfill their payment obligations. A landlord can also compare two prospective tenants to make a sound business decision. In business, companies can screen employees credit to see if they are fiscally responsible. This is important for high ranking employees as well as those with fiduciary and financial responsibility.

Driving Records

For jobs that require someone to drive a vehicle or operate machinery, driving records are an essential part of the hiring process. If a potential employee has a long history of reckless driving, they may not be the best candidate for a driving job. Advanced background checks can provide this information.

Civil Litigation

When doing a simple criminal background check, civil litigation cases are left out. This potentially excludes information that is important when judging someone’s character. An advanced background check uncovers this information in order to provide the most comprehensive character profile possible.

Employment/Education History

Another thing that an advanced background check can uncover is employment and education history. When a business doesn’t look into employment or education history, they could potentially hire an unqualified employee with a misleading resume. An advanced background check can also show someone’s past job performance, credibility, and character. Looking into this is an essential part of the hiring process.


Citizenship/Legal Working Status

Hiring employees that aren’t allowed to legally work in the United States can result in penalties and fines. Also, if that employee is deported, the business may be caught off guard and day-to-day operations could be negatively affected. An advanced background check can ensure that your employees can legally work in the country.

Advanced Background Check Experts

When doing a background check, you need to be sure that those investigating will provide you will comprehensive and accurate information. South and Associates LLC are licensed professionals with the experience and know-how to properly investigate a background. Our screening services cover everything mentioned and more to give you a detailed analysis of someone’s past. To obtain the most advanced background check available, contact us.

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