Our Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners

The Athos Group is the national leader in off-duty and extra-duty services provided by local law enforcement agencies and their officers. Through our portfolio companies, Athos provides specialized services to the client, the officer and the departments in which they serve.

The foundation of The Athos Group’s commitment to our corporate and law enforcement partners is based on forming trusted relationships with our clients. “Athos”, a major figure in Greek mythology, was a warrior-soldier known for great strength and commitment. The Athos Group provides that same level of commitment and integrity to the clients we serve. This is strongly exemplified in our case studies.


More About The Athos Group

Athos, founded in 2006 as Innovative Surveillance Solutions (ISS), has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing security services company in the U.S. in 2014 and 2015. Our experienced management team includes former corporate security directors, local and federal law enforcement leaders, and business executives/entrepreneurs working each day to deliver the highest quality of support in the security services industry.

Starting with fewer than 100 law enforcement officer associates and 2 initial clients, our company has grown over the last decade representing over 1,200 U.S. law enforcement agencies. More than 11,000 officers, either individually or through their departments, provide Managed Security Services throughout the country. Our staff of former law enforcement executives and corporate security directors provide security management consulting and support for a wide range of security issues. In 2016, ISS changed its name to the Athos Group to reflect our dramatic growth and expansion of services – a growth and success that continues.

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