What Are Advanced Background Checks? Comparing 5 Different Types

When people think of a background check, they typically think of a thorough inspection of criminal history. This is true; however, there is much more to a background check than this. You may have used a free background checker before, but the majority of information is limited to specific public record databases. Conducting advanced background checks with a private investigator in NJ provides a plethora of additional details, far more than just criminal history. Let’s review what advanced background checks are and five common types.

What Are Advanced Background Checks

Advanced background checks are commonplace in the employment world. When hiring, every employer should conduct background checks on potential employees. Some businesses may be satisfied with simply looking at a candidate’s social media presence. However, this surface-level checking will miss almost all of the applicant’s vital information. When it comes to advanced background checks, there are many different routes you can take. The depth of the investigation usually corresponds with the level of risk in your industry. If you aren’t sure about how extensive the check should be or what’s required by law, South & Associates is here to help. Here are five of the most popular types of advanced background checks used today.


Drug Screening

A drug screening is the most sought-after type of advanced background check. Drug tests for potential employers usually come down to issues involving safety and productivity. While some industries, such as transportation or construction, are required by law to do pre-employment drug testing, every employer should think about implementing this policy.

Criminal Record

Employers have the responsibility of ensuring a safe work environment for their employees. Not only does this include supplying safety equipment, but also keeping an eye on those who work under you. If an employee has a criminal record, it’s crucial that their employer is aware of this information in order to maintain the safety of their other staff members. Advanced background checks will reveal if someone has been convicted of a crime and allow you to take appropriate action with that knowledge.

Registered Sex Offender

It is crucial to perform background checks on potential employees, and one of the most important aspects of this process is identifying registered sex offenders. In sectors such as healthcare, childcare, or education, this step cannot be skipped. According to the U.S Department of Justice, convicted sex offenders have a four-time higher chance of committing another offense than those with other types of criminal records. Considering these tactics, taking precautionary measures before hiring someone new is essential for ensuring safety within your workplace.


The E-Verify system checks an employee’s work authorization status after they have been hired. This is a government-developed platform that is used in conjunction with the I-9 form to ensure that your employees are not working for you illegally. This kind of advanced background check is imperative in the employment process and should not be taken lightly, as it could have severe consequences. Make sure all of your current employees are authorized to work for you before using this system.

Education Verification

The final type of advanced background check is education verification. If you’re hiring someone for a highly technical role, make sure they’ve got the necessary skills and expertise. Some people mislead employers by listing false information on their resumes, especially when it comes to their education. The best way to verify that prospects actually understand what they claim to know is with advanced background checks.


South & Associates For Advanced Background Checks

Are you ready to screen potential candidates with a background check? South & Associates is here for you. In your personal or professional life, background checks can provide you with the peace of mind you need. Whether you’re a business owner verifying an employee’s information or a parent looking to hire a childcare professional, an advanced background check will circumvent taking any unnecessary risks. Reach out to South & Associates today so we can assess your specific situation and goals. Together, we will decide the right investigative method for your specific situation.

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